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Welcome to Literacy Volunteers

Literacy Volunteers of Rochester, Inc. (LVR) is an organization of trained volunteers dedicated to providing one-to-one or small group English tutoring to functionally illiterate adults and to fostering literacy in Monroe County, where Rochester, New York, is located.

Our services are provided free of charge. We generally accept into the program students who read below a ninth grade level. Among speakers of other languages, we emphasize helping newcomers whose need for English is urgent.

Our work is bringing people together to improve lives. We welcome learning more about you and how Literacy Volunteers of Rochester can continue to benefit our community.

We are always seeking your involvement, whether as a tutor, administrative volunteer, student, and/or financial contributor. LVR is a 501(c)(3) organization; your financial contribution may be tax deductible.

We invite prospective tutors to attend a one-hour preview session. We also offer tutor training to help get you started. Our staff, in-house library volunteers and web site are resources to help you along the way.

To help assess whether our program is right for you, we invite prospective students to meet with a staff member or volunteer. Please contact the office for an appointment.


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