Volunteer at Literacy Volunteers of Rochester

Our program is possible only through the effort of dedicated volunteers. We invite you to become a volunteer. We have many more requests from learners than we can satisfy from our pool of trained tutors.

As a tutor volunteer, you'll help an individual or a small group of adults who request our services. Learners read below an eighth grade level and/or have limited English language skills.

Tutor Requirements

In order to become a tutor, you must be over 21 years old and have a high school or alternative diploma. You must attend a one-hour preview session. At the preview, you will learn about Literacy Volunteers of Rochester (LVR) and you will complete an application. Tutors commit to work with an adult learner for up to two hours each week for one year. You may register online for a preview.

We require that you attend a training program to help you get started. The training schedule is shown here.

Tutoring Locations

Tutoring happens in a public place. We'll provide a list of available meeting sites in an area that is mutually convenient for you and the learner. These sites include libraries, churches, schools, community centers, and other public places. You and the learner will decide together where and when you'll meet each week.


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